Thursday, February 25, 2010

Goldilocks: Women Only Bike Ride

Congratulations to Karen, Mackay, Easton & Kallie who said, "Training for little red...had to get it for my b-day early from the parents since we have noooo money...and am trying to scrounge up the moolah for this. Have had an awful year with horrible rollover car accident and year of unemployment with our fam of 4...would luv something to go my way!! :) This would make my day!"  You have got yourself an entry into Goldilocks!  Email me and we will get you all signed up.

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Did you read this post last September about me and cycling?  If you didn't, take a minute to check it out.

As mentioned previously, last year I fell in love with cycling (that is what we cyclists call riding a bike :) ) and I also sit on a committee called Healthy Herriman.  Which is how I became lucky enough to suggest, then beg, that we host a womens only bike ride.  Rides for women are so much better- the food is better, the centerpieces are better, the logo's are better (thank you Sarah Jane Studios!) the T-shirts are super cool- and made to fit women.  Wait!  That saying looks familiar....

There are routes for all abilities at Goldilocks- 15, 30 and 60 miles.  Check out our blog to meet some women training for the first time to ride.  We have a mom training to ride the 15 miles on her cruiser with her 11 year old daughter.  And that woman training for the 30 miles- I think I know her from somewhere.  (I even talked my stylin' business partner into giving the bike a chance!) And a 'kick A' woman who is totally fired up and has her sights set on the 60 miles.

Rides like this are the most fun when you prepare and participate with friends and family. Set a goal to do a distance that will be a challenge then train and get ready. It will be so satisfying to say “I did it!” at the finish line.  It doesn't matter what you ride, (although go talk to my friend Brad if you need advice) no one will judge you on your cruiser, or your 20 year old road bike.

So- if you have never ridden before, this is a friendly, fun place to start.  If you are a seasoned rider, this is a great training ride before all the centuries and triathlons you have planned this summer.  To make the deal even sweeter I am giving away one entry to Goldilocks.  Every comment will be entered.  The winner will announced a week from today- Thursday, March 4th.  Good Luck!

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