Friday, March 5, 2010

Do More With Dani

Congratulations to bugs 'n' bees who said... "I want to learn! I NEED your help! :)"  Congratulations you are the lucky winner! Email me and let me know which Thursday you would like to come- This Thursday the 11th or next Thursday the 18th.  If you didn't win I still have space in both classes.  Register today!
****The winner of the contest below is listed above.****

I know how to do some stuff.  I am sort of a self-taught-in-everything-type-of-a-freak.  If you didn't know... I do all the graphic design for Oh Sweet Sadie, my family, my friends, my friends' families, neighbors, strangers, any and all.  I create birth announcements, wedding invitations, posters, logos, and everything in between. I work in Microsoft Publisher, and I am going to share my knowledge and years of experience with this program- with you!

Learning to use Microsoft Publisher will empower you with the ability to make your own invitations, announcements, flyers, posters, digital scrapbook, blog headers, and everything else. If you normally work in Microsoft Word, this will look and feel familiar. Publisher is a great alternative to other super expensive design software that is out there. Download the 60 day free trial and register for the class. Bring your laptop- heck, I don't care if you want to haul in your desktop- to get the most out of the class. The classes will be in my good friend's theater room, where my screen can be projected and you can follow along on your own computer. I am capping the registration at 12 people, so you will get the attention you deserve. You will leave the class with a skill that will serve you in more ways then you can imagine.

Check our samples of what you can do and register here.  I will happily give away a spot in one of the classes. Every comment will be entered into the drawing and the winner will be announced next Tuesday, March 8th. Good luck!

*****This Contest is Closed.*****