Oh Sweet Sadie?

Oh Sweet Sadie! was the name of Heidi's clothing line for little girls (after her oldest daughter) when she was selling her wares all over God's green earth. When she started her first Art and Gift Show in Daybreak she called it that because it was familiar. We can't change it now--- nothing else seems to fit!

Who Are You People?

My name is Dani Lassiter (left). I have four exhausting children, and a superish husband. I live in Herriman and I tend to become obsessed with whatever I am into at that moment.  I love to read, mostly children's & young adult literature.  I also love to crochet, craft, play, and ride my bike.  I am a self-taught graphic designer and do all the advertising, blogsite, and securing of locations for OSS.  (You can also find me at GoldilocksEvents) 

The brains behind the business is Heidi Loewen (right). Heidi has five beautiful children, and a rockstar husband by the name of Danny as well. Heidi lives in Daybreak and loves it. She is an entrepreneurial genius and has a knack for turning anything into a business opportunity.  Heidi can do and make anything.  Heidi has been participating in boutiques for years and years all over the country- and has finally (10 years ago) started her own.  Heidi handles the stalking and securing of all our artisans and vendors.  She is constantly on the hunt for anything new and different. (You can find her at Littlefield Lane)

Heidi added me in 2008 when we decided it was way too much work for one person to pull off a stylin' art show that makes you want to jump up and down and clap your hands with joy. 

How Do I Become a Vendor?

Oh Sweet Sadie! has an open application system.  Six to eight weeks before a show our application will become available on the 'application' button of our blogsite.  All applications will be considered before a decision is made.  The selected artisans and vendors will be announced at least four weeks prior to the show.  We are not accepting any 'home party' or MLM type companies at this time.

We are very selective about the artisans that are chosen to participate in Oh Sweet Sadie! We want to be sure that we have an eclectic group, and never too much of one particular thing. If you are not selected to participate in the show, your product is not a right fit for now, we only have so much space to fit everyone.  Please feel free to apply again.