Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

Congratulations to Josh and Megan who said, "Love the red one!"  You are the lucky winner!  If you really want the red one let me know and I will get it in the mail to you.  (You can have any color you want.)  I am headed on one of my many 'mini vay-cay's with Chad' (as Heidi put it) this week, but Heidi will have a contest up soon!  Anyone been to Havasupi?  Wish me luck!

****The winner of the contest below is listed above.****   

I have loved this poster and saying for quite sometime... but it has become my motto for the last several weeks.  Having our Spring Show (yay!) and Goldilocks (yipee!) a week apart has almost been the undoing of me... well at least the undoing of my husband. :) 

If you haven't taken the time to read the back story of this poster and saying... here it is again.

(picture and history from
"During the spring of 1939 and the war with Germany almost inevitable, the British Government’s Ministry of Information commissioned a number of propaganda posters to be displayed throughout the country upon the outbreak of war. The plan for the posters was to relay a message from King George VI to his people that all capable measures to defend the Country were being taken.

Using the crown of King George VI as the only graphic element it simply read, ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. Although some of the posters did make it onto walls (one of which can be seen above), the poster was never officially issued and so remained almost unseen by the general public. That is until a copy turned up over 50 years later within a pile of dusty old books bought from an auction.

Sadly, we do not have any record of who originally came up with the slogan. However, the reproduction is a tribute to that unknown person who created it. People across the world are still finding reassurance in its wonderful and handsome design with the very special attitude of mind that it managed to convey."
The poster began to catch on in the blog world when sfgirlbybay blogged about her find at a flea market in 2006, but really picked up steam last year when it was featured in Domino Magazine. (and I know you have all seen it on Nie's site.)

I am giving away a 16x20 poster (fits perfectly in an IKEA RIBBA frame for $20.00) in any color you want.
All comments will be entered into the drawing.  (One comment per person please, Sara.:))  The winner will be announced Monday when the next contest will be announced.  Good luck!

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