Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Contest # 7: Our SoDa Row Neighbors; Black Diamond Gymnastic, Guy's Barbershop, & Oopsie Daisy CLOSED FINALLY CLOSED

Thanks for being patient you guys. I had to talk to my darling son's teacher for a while about what we can do to help him stay on task. Any ideas?

The winners are as follows:

kendragreensides who said, "My kids need to let their energy out at black diamond, my husband and son would love a haircut and I would love to get some fun stuff from Oopsie Daisy...Pick me!" Is the very lucky winner of the Birthday Party form Black Diamond Gymnastics!

Debbie who said, "I can't wait to come to SoDa Row to see you and all the new shops! I LOVE your blogs ... you are so creative." (Thank you Debbie!) is the very lucky winner of a haircut from Mr. Guy Dumas of Guy's Barbershop. I hope you have a 'guy' to give it to.

Simone who said, "I will be a part of the Daybreak community soon and am so excited for all the fun things SoDa Row has to offer. I would love any of these prizes. I was already interested in checking these places out before so this giveaway is awesome!!!" Is the winner of gift certificate #1 from Oopsie Daisy!

Jess who said, "So awesome!! I'm excited for Oopsie Daisy as well!" Is the winner of gift certificate #2 from Oopsie Daisy!

Heather who said, "K...so super duper excited that I'll have these amazing new shops so close to home. AMAZING!" Is the winner of gift certificate #3 from Oopsie Daisy!

Michelle who said, "Oh pick me I would love to take my girls." Is the winner of gift certificate #4 from Oopsie Daisy!

Taryn who said, "They all sound good!" Is the winner of gift certificate #5 from Oopsie Daisy!

and Jason (Jason??) who said, "I want to win!! I can't wait for a children's boutique so close to home!" Is the winner of gift certificate #6 from Oopsie Daisy!

Congratulations you guys! You can pick up your gift certificates at check out during the show. I can't wait to meet Jason who is so excited for a children's boutique so close to home- sounds like the kind of man I want to hang out with.

Oh Sweet Sadie! will have some pretty cool neighbors for the couple of days we are on SoDa Row. Let me tell you about a few, and then I will tell you what they are oh so generously giving away to 8 (EIGHT) lucky winners.

First is Black Diamond Gymnastics. Black Diamond Gymnastics of Park City have opened their second location right here on SoDa Row. I have to say that gymnastics have never been something I have thought about putting my kids in- until I spent 5 minutes on their website. My oldest son, eight years old, is a freak on our trampoline. He can do back flips until he is sick, front back front back front flips, and a crazy twisty flip that probably has a really cool name. So what do I read on Black Diamond Gymnastics website? They have a Big Air program. The Big Air program is especially for skiers, boarders, skaters, etc. The curriculum focuses on trampoline and tumbling instruction designed to enhance core strength, air awareness and self-confidence while learning the proper technique of flipping and twisting gymnastics. Is that the greatest? I am so excited, we are signing up like, yesterday.

Don't worry if your son isn't as advanced as mine (snicker behind my hand) they also have dance, cheer and martial arts. Right Star Academy, an academic preschool and tutoring program, is integrated into the facility as well. These people have their crap (sorry Heidi) stuff together.

Remember Breathe- a yoga studio? They share the space with Black Diamond.

Next you have Guy's Barbershop owned by Mr. Guy Dumas (he doesn't pronounce the S in Dumas.) Guy graduated from Westpoint as Infantry Officer in the Army, but always wanted to be a barber. A couple years ago he made his dreams come true (and his parents worst nightmare- just kidding- I don't know that) when he became a licensed barber. This stuff is so vintage it is unbelievably cool. He even has a traditional barber shop bar light, like the one shown above. He offers traditional straight razor shaves for $5.00 and haircuts for $15.00 in his one chair shop.

You can tell Guy has a minor in philosophy, he told me he likes a one chair shop because then you always know who is going to cut your hair/ shave your face. And it doesn't matter who you are- a punk 14 year old or the big man on the block- when you come to Guy's you all sit in the same chair. I would pay $15.00 just to continue the conversation.

I cannot wait for my husband to take my boys. Because you know what they say, "Real guys go to Barber Shops, all others go to Salons."

And finally, Oopsie Daisy is the children's boutique in Daybreak. This place is incredible. beautiful. amazing. They have everything you need from pregnancy all the way through- maternity clothes, furniture, beautiful children's clothes, shoes, toys, and gifts. They are also going to have fun little activites, like a story hour, that your kids will love to go to. Heidi and I have only gotten a glimpse of everything they had to offer- and we were falling over each other weeping with joy.

Almost to the prizes- hang in there for one more thing.

OSS will have a little partner inside our show as well. Charity Denim will be selling among other things, designer jeans, to raise money for Huntsman Cancer Institute. All of the brands they carry are either made domestically or under safe working conditions (sweatshop free). Because they are last season's overstocks and samples they are able to sell them at amazing prices, between about $45 to $100 dollars.

Alrightee then, everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into the drawing to win a:

1. Birthday Party for 10 children from Black Diamond Gymnastics. From their site, "Choose an activity, pick your time and let us know how many are coming….Arrive at your scheduled party time with the food and enjoy! Too good to be true? Not at Black Diamond! Available activities may include gymnastics, big air or rock climbing. Invitations, a one hour class, balloons for all, table coverings and a t-shirt for the “Birthday Star” are included! Lots of fun for all without the stress!! " ($150.00 value)


2. A gift certificate for a hair cut from Guy. nuff said.


3. One of 6 (SIX) $25.00 gift certificates to Oopsie Daisy. They will be open in time for the show, so you can pick it up and head next door for some instant gratification.

Winners will be announced tomorrow morning when the next contest goes up. Good Luck!