Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Contest #8: It's All About You! CLOSED

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2009-09-17 17:09:34 UTC

My computer will not let me print a screen shot! You will have to trust me that these are the winning numbers!

Congratulations to:

Karen Scoffield (seriously Karen!) who said, "Count me in. Here is to lucky #1!" You win the stylin cowboy hat!

Allison Hansen who said, "It's All About ME!" You win the shampoo bar and conditioner from Orchid.

Krystal who said, "I love Tribal Jewelry, I got a bracelet at Oh Sweet Sadie last fall- so cute- I would love to win a necklace!!!!" YOU WON THE TRIBAL JEWELRY! insane.

Jeninator who said, "for meeee?????" For you- Demi-Do's Hat & Gloves!

Melissa Y. who said, "Oh how I would love to win something for ME! Crossing my fingers that I get picked this time." Crossing your fingers worked, you won the Letter or State Charm Necklace!

Congrats to all of our winners! You can pick up your prizes when you introduce yourself at the registers.

(Hey friends- I need to run to my kid's school for 1 hour. If you haven't entered yesterday's contest, you have one more hour before the drawing.)

At least this contest is about you- tomorrow we will do the kid stuff, but today it is about Mom stuff. On this post I will tell you about the vendor, and then what they are giving away, OK?

First; my friend Linda Hunsaker of LLB Boutique will be selling all sorts of hot fashion items at this weekend's show. Linda grew up in New York City, so she knows fashion. (I think I scare her when it is my turn to drive carpool.)
PRIZE: Linda is giving away this sweet $35.00 cowboy hat!

The Orchid- A Natural Experience was started in the spring of this year. It was started by Ren and Shauna Wightman and Brandon and A.J. Hanson (they are all related) Their manufacturer (also family) has been making natural handcrafted products for the past 12 years. While the product stays fairly localized in the Florida area, they decided it was time to bring these unique bath and body products to Utah. Some of their customer favorites would be the Shampoo Bar (Shampoo Bar? Picture above), Bath Bubblers and the Whipped Shea Butter.

PRIZE: A Yummy Shampoo Bar and Conditioner.

PRIZE: The lovely Deon Thomas of Tribal Jewelry is giving away one of her beautiful necklaces! You get to choose. Lucky. All of her stuff is amazing- lately I am addicted to the leather cuff bracelets.

This picture here is of Cathy Wood, the owner of Demi-Do's. Cathy look how pretty you are! Cathy is amazing, and her hats and flowers have saved me many a time I haven't had time to shower or fix my hair. I buy a new hat at every show- and you should to!
PRIZE: Cathy is giving away a hat and a pair of gloves.

Nicole Choules owns a two little businesses called Elsabags & Vanilla Pie Baby. Check out her bags they are awesome- lovin' the tag line, "Putting your grandmother's furniture to good use." Clever.
PRIZE: Nicole is giving away a Letter or State Charm Necklace. From her site, "These Letter Charms are just what you need so your friends never forget your name... or you can buy one of these charming State Charms- Let everyone know where you are from or what your favorite State is. These charms hang from an 18 inch 14k gold filled chain. The charms are 18k gold plated-the State charm has the States name written across it. A perfect gift for the gold lover." I want New York.

So five winners will be announced tomorrow morning when the next contest goes up- Good Luck!