Monday, September 14, 2009

Contest #6: Addiebugs, Studio JK, & Photo By Emilie CLOSED

Congratulations to Shanda who said, "Would SO LOOOOOOOOVVE to have ANY of these! LOVE temple pics and I've been meaning to make myself some banners, so this would save me SO MUCH TIME :)" You are the winner of the AddieBugs banner!

And Congratulations to Karen Scoffieldscoffield who said, "Fun stuff! Who wouldn't love any of it. I have been counting down until the next show. I am so excited." (Karen proves you can win more than once!) You are the lucky winner of the Lots of Dots by Studio JK Vinyl!

and finally congrats to ostler & co who said, "TriCk or TreAt? Would LOVE a sweet SaDiE treAt to celebrate the season!" You win the Oquirrh Mountain Temple print from Photo By Emilie!

All y'all can pick up you winnings at the register- we look forward to meeting you!

Wow! We have a lot of stuff to give away this week. After today a new contest will go up on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning at 9:00 am. Check back every morning because some of this you do NOT want to miss!

Jennifer Oswald of AddieBugs is giving away one of her adorable banners. You can pick between Harvest or Trick or Treat! I pick Trick or Treat but Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday.

Jamie Bringhurst of Studio JK Vinyl, (I still owe you a hundred bucks- sorry Jamie), is giving away her Lots of Dots set to a very, very lucky winner. I think this is the perfect decor for your tween, teenage girl. You get to pick the colors.

AND Emilie Decker of Photo By Emilie is giving away a 8x10 of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Click on it- she has put a damask looking pattern over that beautiful blue sky. So Cool.

Everyone who makes a comment will be entered. Extra points, as always, for gushing. The winners will be announced tomorrow when the next contest goes up. Good Luck!