Monday, April 20, 2009

Winner! (Draper- Last Day!)

Alrightee then- here are the winners of our weekend contest...

1. The winner of the unique Club Mud bowls is the nayz who said, "Love it all!! I would love to see the talented Emilie's Salt Lake Temple collection" (see saying nice things did help you out.)

2. The winner of the yummy Blue Lily Candle is the Gunnell Fam who said, "Count me in!" (we did!)

3. The winner of the beautiful print from Photo by Emilie is A little bit of our history - who said, "I think all of these items are amazing and I am sad that I could not make it to your show! We have such talented residents here in our great state!" (I couldn't agree more.)

4. The winner of the Summer Traveler is Adrianna who said, "All of this stuff looks great! Pick me!"

5. And finally the winner of the liquid minerals to make their family healthy and strong is Melissa Stringham who said, "I want to win! Pick me this time random number generator." (Wow! That is an amazing power. You should take that to Vegas.)

Congratulations to all our winners! You may pick up your prizes at the Daybreak Show this weekend, just introduce yourself at the register.