Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Contest

4 Prizes today for 4 lucky winners...

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Michelle Shirley is another super talented artist of Oh Sweet Sadie! Check out her work and you will see what I mean- it is darling. Michelle is giving away 2 items to 2 lucky winners- The first is a birthday invitation pack. 10 invitations and 10 envelopes. (Retail Value $18) She makes these invitations using the images from the children's paintings she creates. They are completely unique from anything else out on the market. Printed on a beautiful stock paper professionally.
And a set of her her YW Value Cards: ($8.00 value) These are 8 flat cards with the Young Women value, coordinating illustration, scripture, and statement. There is one for each of the values. The cards are 5.5"x4.25". Perfect to keep in the scriptures, or to give out for lessons/gifts. The background is done in polka dots, of the value color. Michelle says, "When Sister Dibb, of the Young Women General Presidency came out to visit me, she met with our Young Women's class, and told our girls that they came up with a great saying to go along with the dots in the background-D.O.T.S = Depending On The Savior. I thought that was really good, and our girls really remember it. We are getting them each a set of the cards, so they can remember not only the value, but the scripture, and statement that goes along with it. I think they are so important so the girls can understand what each value means, so they can better strive to live it."

Mariah Green of Mariah Made is donating one of her cute and nifty 'cuddle sacs' to today's contest. Everyone who has had a baby knows that for the first couple of months dressing a baby is not only tricky, but an exercise in futility. You are changing diapers at least 8 times a day. Now your baby can wear something as cute as he/she is, and changing diapers is a snap. I am excited to try it out on Heidi's little something that is due in May. (No more little somethings in my future.)


The talented Olea Gough of Rising Moon Adventures is giving away another one of her darling flannel board stories. My daughter cannot get enough of any of these. One lucky winner will own the story of Rumpelstiltskin (That is a tough spell).
Everyone who leaves a comment is entered. Winners will be announced tomorrow when the next contest will go up. Good Luck!