Saturday, April 18, 2009

Draper- Last Day!

Hey friends, if you are coming to the show today- remember that there is parking behind the home. We had enough parking behind the house for at least 10 additional cars all day yesterday. Now- the contest! Camie Lloyd is one amazing Renaissance woman. She owns Club Mud, a full functioning ceramic production studio. They teach wheel thrown and hand built pottery classes monthly or for a one time experience. All of their dish ware is microwaveable, oven and dishwasher safe. If you are looking for a truly unique piece, or experience (anyone thinking the pottery wheel scene is Ghost?)- Club Mud can provide. Camie is giving away one of her beautiful sets of bowls to a lucky winner.

Sara Christensen is the creator of Blue Lily Candles. They are all hand poured, and the scents are amazing. They are made with soy, so they burn clean- no yucky black smoke. Sara also provides Oh Sweet Sadie! with the signature bags of gumballs. Another lucky winner can snag a candle for herself. ($15.00)

Emilie Decker is the genius behind, Photo By Emilie. She is giving away a 5x7 and the winner can choose any image from any of her beautiful Temple collections. She has 4 Fine Art Temple collections; Salt Lake, St. George, Nauvoo & her newest collections, Draper. Next week is the debut of the Oquirrhh Temple (yay!). All prints are luster finish pressed with a fine linen texture and mounted on mat board. Tell Emilie how talented she is and I am sure it will increase your chances of winning.

These little guys are Summer Travelers from Whosies and Whatnots. They are 9" tall and love to be packed along for any kind of trip. Short, long, near, far or anything in between. They say love to have their picture taken and say cheese for the camera. Their favorite though is to look at the books afterwards with all their memories written down. Check out our summer travelers here from last year. You can win one of your- just post a comment.

It seems in today’s world, we are getting breakfast from a box, lunch from a drive thru, and dinner from a microwave. Everyone isn’t like this everyday, but it feels like we are running through life and meals-- Not giving ourselves the proper nutrition. Lisa Allsup is trying to fix that. She is a huge believer is everyone getting not only their daily vitamins, but their minerals as well.

She says, "We are all overloaded with the pills, potions, ready made “nutritious” meals, prescriptions, hype… how do you know what is right for you and your family without the risk of time, money and fads? It is proven that our organs need vitamins, minerals, and energy to perform their specific functions. Our liquid minerals are just that, minerals. It doesn’t have to be hard for your body to adsorb the nutrition you need. With a few simple changes to your diet and adding our liquid nutritional supplements to your favorite juice (no taste, all 77 of the major and minor minerals) your body will finally be receiving the nutrition it needs."

She is giving away 2 bottles of her liquid minerals ($18.00/each) to another lucky winner.
Everyone who leaves a comment is entered. Individual winners will be chosen. The winners will be announced Monday morning when the next contest will be announced. Good luck!