Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Winner! (Monday Contest)

Lets get right to it- The winners are....

1. The winner of the princess invitations is coolmom (why didn't I think of that?) who said, "I am going to be in Utah in July and August, do you ever do the sale then?" And to answer your question- maybe. We are working with Daybreak right now about holding a summer show in their new commercial shopping district that opens in July. More details coming.

2. The winner of the YW value cards is Annie who said, "Oooh, count me in!" OK Annie, you are counted!

3. The winner of the Mariah Made Cuddle Sac is Brittany Ann who said, "Completely darling! I hope I win. Happy Monday Night!" I hope you have a little one who can use it!

4. The winner of the Rising Moon flannel board story of Rumpelstiltskin is Anonymous who said, "Hope I win!" No reason to hope Miss Anonymous- you did win!

Congratulations to all our winners! You may pick up your prizes at the show this weekend, just introduce yourself at the register.