Monday, September 22, 2008

Swords & Shoes

The winner of our last contest is Kristi, who heard about us through the Daybreak email that went out last Friday. Congratulations Kristi! Send me an email when you have a minute and I will connect you with your prizes.

Today we have more fabulous loot to giveaway.

One of the hot sellers from last weekend were Heather Foy's noodle swords. The perfect toy for your children to beat each other with, and she even had them in pink! I bagged many, many of them last weekend and I am certain there are very happy children being beaten all over the valley right now. She is generously giving away 2 of them ($12.00), so the fight should be evenly matched.

Also, long time Oh Sweet Sadie vendor, Aly Brooks of Studio 32 Shoes is giving away one of their cool, new flat frame wallets ($24.00). I snagged a hip pair of orange shoes for myself at the Draper show.

The rules: Everyone who leaves a comment on this post is entered. The winner will be drawn tomorrow morning, and this contest will be replaced with the next contest. Good luck!