Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh Sweet Sadie is coming home!

The show at Suncrest in Draper last weekend was phenomenal. I heard from many that our group of artisans for this show was our best yet, and I couldn't agree more! The displays were lovely and the products and creations were breathtaking. (You don't have to take my word for it, read what others (& others) are saying.)

We are VERY excited about the Fall 2 show at Daybreak this weekend. Some of you may know the story, but several years ago Miss Heidi Loewen started Oh Sweet Sadie! from her own home in Daybreak. She would empty her home of all personal belongings twice a year and then fill it with wonderful treasures and invite everyone to come and see (and spend.) The show grew and grew and grew and attracted the interest of Daybreak's HOA who kindly (errr, rudely) asked her to take her show elsewhere. Imagine her surprise/ delight when the big wigs at Daybreak approached us to have the show in their fabulous new North Shore Model Home Village in the fall. It could not be a more ideal location for the show. Easy to find, easy to park, BEAUTIFUL, and not one, but two huge Rainey homes filled with the best Oh Sweet Sadie has to offer. We can't wait. Bring your friends, sisters, mother and block out a few hours to hunt through piles and rooms of eye candy. See you soon!

(BTW, the best way to the show is directly west on 10400 S. South Jordan Parkway. You will run right into the North Shore Model Homes after you go around the roundabout.)