Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chalkboard Vinyl

The winner of the Swords & Shoes is The Deckers who said, PICK ME! (I did!)

Maybe you think you have seen everything that vinyl has to offer. Well, Jamie Bringhurst of Studio JK is going to change your mind. She is one of the firsts around to offer the very exciting CHALKBOARD vinyl. You can see in the pictures the applications are endless. I especially love it on the kitchen cabinet door. It is the perfect thing for organizing a 'family command center.'

She says, "Great to use directly on walls above desks, next to kitchen phones, or by your back door for messages and reminders. Also great in lockers, on plaques with ribbon, in playrooms at children's height, or cut up into smaller squares and use as labels on container or on clipboards for quiet play in church. The possibilities are limitless!"

The first 3 people to leave a comment win a 14x14 square of chalboard vinyl ($15.00) to get them started. Thanks Jamie!