Friday, September 5, 2008

Pettiskirts! Pettiskirts! Pettiskirts!

Pettiskirts have been a staple of Oh Sweet Sadie! as long as there has been an Oh Sweet Sadie! Heidi (the boss) will have a whole smattering of adorable, colorful, pettiskirts for the upcoming fall shows. They are perfect for Halloween costumes, portraits, dress ups, etc. Heidi has what you see pictured above and tons of solids too...white, black, purple, pink, raspberry, and orange. She says, "If you wants to go the Martha Stewart route, and shop for and purchase supplies, then run 70 yards of chiffon through your sewing machine, definitely try it out! But buying one of these already made beauties will save you from wanting to shoot yourself." She is such a compassionate and loving person.