Friday, September 5, 2008

Rock the Vote 2008!

Again, I know you live and die by what is happening at my house- My husband is a democrat. (gasp!) And he really doesn't like Sarah Palin. (scandle!) It makes the political campaign a fairly emotional topic at my house. Oh Sweet Sadie! is a politcally neutral Art and Gift Show. We neither support or endorse any of the candidates. (They have been begging and begging.) BUT, we are loving the whole, girl power!, theme of this election. If you are a super fan of the new VP Barbie, Sarah Palin, Oh Sweet Sadie! has the flare you are looking for. How better to show your support then with the cutest sticker for your hot rod mini van? Just put it right next to the line up of the stick figures of your family, or your flip flops, or sea turtles, or whatever you are sporting now. The early bird gets the worm: they are an exclusive, limited addition, get-it-here-and-no-where-else, item. See you 2 weeks from today!