Monday, May 31, 2010

Apolo Anton Ohno

Congratulations to Diana Camomile Peck who said, "love, love, love this headband! i have never seen one like this before. sure would love to have one!!! :)"  You are the winner!  Email me what color and size you would like (and your address) and I will make one for you today!

***The winner of the contest below is listed above.***

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  (Is that what you say on Memorial Day?)  I do have a contest... but first an amusing anecdote/star sighting.

This morning we took the kids and went for a bike ride on the Jordan River Parkway.  We passed a picnic pavilion that had a super-fit, hot guy in it doing push ups.  With his feet up on the picnic table bench.  FAST.  Leaning to one side and then the other, switching legs... very impressive.  I thought, "Is that guy a Navy Seal or something?"  Chad caught me watching and teased me.  We continued on our ride.  Later, he came running past the park (shirt off- very Jacob-esque)  and my husband recognized him first... "That is Apolo Ohno!"  He forgave me for ogling earlier.  I think.  I hope he doesn't read this post.

Moving on:

I have been crocheting the 'summer version' of the crocheted flower headwrap.  I sold out at our spring show, but have been hard at work while catching up on months of television I have missed.  I would love to give one away- you pick the color and size (adult or child).  Leave a comment and you will be entered into the drawing.  I would love to hear what fun family activities/ star sighting stories you have.  One entry per person, you can post a comment on facebook for an additional entry.  Good luck!

***This contest is closed***