Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Giveaway CONTEST CLOSED

Congratulations to Ashley said who said, "Love to win! and Anonymous who said,"Teresa Johnson"  (I am guessing it was Teresa Johnson.)  You both one a Countdown from Studio JK Vinyl!

Congratulations to Leslie who said, "I am bound to win one of these eventually!" Eventually is today!  You win the sample of Choffy- let us all know what you think,

And last, but certainly not least, a big congratulations to Eddy and Tiffany who said, "Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pleeeeeaaaassseee...."  Alright already- stop begging you are the winner of that awesome nativity from Bishop Built!

Congrats again to our winners.  Email me ( and I will help you get your prize!

First, let's all catch up on what has been going on with me. Remember Thanksgiving last year? This year was much, MUCH better, because we went here for 3 days (Why doesn't Utah have any indoor water parks? So fun.) before going to the MIL's house- where there is NO wireless anymore (darn you NETGEAR.) and the cat only clawed me once and the kids a few times. All in all a major success and now we are home safe and sound. and tired. and dirty. Enough about me, (yeah right.) how was your Thanksgiving?

As promised. A contest. Some of this is time sensitive so the winners will be announced on Tuesday, December 1st. We will have a new contest go up that day as well. (I know, it IS getting a little out of hand.)

First, Jamie Bringhurst of Studio JK Vinyl. You already know she is our fave, and designs the most amazing vinyl... I saw a bunch of you head home with her popular temple vinyl and many more wishing they could have the awesome vinyl Christmas Countdown. If you are like me, and regretting your decision not to snag one up- here is your last chance. Jamie is giving away two of her Christmas Countdowns- to two lucky winners!

Megan White adds a fun new sparkle to OSS. She is almost always there, handing out samples of her delicious Choffy. Read more about it here. We had a fun joke going around for a while, that because most of us don't own coffee makers, it would be fun to go on vacation so we could use the one provided in the hotel room. ;) Then someone started pointing out you can buy a coffee maker for around ten smakaroos. Darn! GNO cancelled. Megan is giving away a sample bag, which should be just enough to get you hooked.

Amy and Wayne Bishop of BishopBuilt, Unique Home Decor, made this beautiful nativity several of my friends and neighbors took home. You should see if with the copper finish- it is amazing! In fact, I think Heidi bought one. They are giving away the nativity seen here to another lucky winner!

Side note: The Bishop Brothers (picture the boys from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) helped Heidi and I break down the show late Saturday night, and now we need to find Seven beautiful women for them to date... any suggestions? Thanks guys, we would still be there if it wasn't for you!

Every comment will be entered into the drawing for one of the prizes. Winners will be announced Tuesday, December 1st when the next contest will be announced. Good Luck!