Monday, October 5, 2009

Once Upon a Bookshelf: CONTEST CLOSED

That was a fun contest! I share a lot of favorites with many of you, and look forward to reading so many great recommendations! Congratulations to The Reese's who said, "My favorite books growing up were the I Can Read books. I would read them a hundred times a day probably!" You are lucky number 12! Come to the Oh Sweet Sadie! Holiday Show Wednesday thru Saturday, November 18th - 21st, in the Southwest corner of SoDa Row at Daybreak to pick out your book. See you soon!
I love books. Especially children's books. I have heard about people who shop at Nordstrom and the clothing or shoe salesperson knows their name. This is me at Barnes and Noble. They cheer (and my husband cries) when they see me come in. They roll out the red carpet and send me special invitations to sales- they even stay open until midnight some nights so that I may purchase a highly anticipated book. (I don't know how all of those other people knew about the party too...)
Last year I wanted everyone to see the amazing books, authors, and illustrators that I love. It is not enough that I inflict my every passion on my family, friends, and neighbors- now Oh Sweet Sadie! has to get it too. So I sell books. My favorite children's books. Sometimes I love a book because of the language- the rhyme, the cadance, the 'read aloud' factor. Sometimes I love, love, love the illustrations- especially when they mix mediums- ie. computer graphics with hand painted embellishments. Sometimes I just love a book because you are suppose to. It is a classic and everyone needs it on a shelf. Every child should know that the quiet old lady is whispering 'Hush', or that Max's dinner was waiting for him, and it was still hot.

I am giving a book away. Your choice. You can come and read on the little card why I love each and every book and decide which one you want to give a good home. Leave a comment telling my your favorite book (if you want) and you will be entered. The winner will be announced next Monday when a new contest will be posted. Good Luck!

**************This Contest is Closed*******************