Wednesday, September 23, 2009


A HUGE congratulations to the winner of the coveted ticket to Spark! #58-
It is Rosie who said, "This event sounds wonderful-I would love to attend! I hope that luck draws me!!!! I need a little SPARK added to my life, what better way?" Congratulations Rosie! We are so excited for this event, and can't imagine a better way to add some Spark to our lives. Email me and I will get you your ticket. The rest of you- jump on and buy your ticket while you still have a chance.
This is something Heidi and I are really excited about. Really excited. Spark! is a creative event/ seminar that will be hosted and taught by the best of the best. If you haven't heard these names before- check them out. You will be dazzled by their resumes and left breathless at their talent.

Elizabeth Kartchner is an amazing crafter who was named 'Scrapbooker of the Year' by Creating Keepsakes Magazine in 2007. She also is a frequent guest on Channel 5 morning show "Studio 5." She will be a guest coming up on October 2nd. (Wait! I know someone else who has been a guest on Studio 5... who was that?)

Jefra Starr Linn is a brilliant photographer. Her work has been sought out by galleries in Utah and Santa Fe, NM, as well as Getty Images. She has been involved in nearly every type of photography, except war documentary or crime scene. She even shot a major politician. (Which one Jefra?) Jefra has taught photography workshops around the country. She says, "I love the instantaneous reward of photography. I love how it reveals a person and a moment. I love how it can tell a story in one frame. I love how it grabs an instant in time that will never been seen again.” Sneak a peek at how cool she makes us look!

Margie Romney-Aslett travels the world to teach scrapbooking for Creating Keepsakes- in fact she is in Japan right now.

Rhonna Farrer works with Wacom as a Penscrapper and with Shutterfly on their Creative Board Advisers. She has worked with Two Peas in a Bucket and Better Homes & Gardens' Scrapbooks, Etc. Magazine team.
The best thing about these women is that they are real. They are moms who were blessed with amazing talents and a willingness to share. They are thoughtful, kind, fun, visionary women and I cannot wait to spend the first weekend in November with them. Heidi and I wouldn't miss Spark! for all the nursing babies in the world.

Date: November 6 & 7th 2009
Where: Salt Lake City, Utah
This Is The Place Venue
2601 East Sunnyside Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah

Friday: November 6th Welcome to Spark!
12:00 p.m. ~Registration
1:30-5 p.m.~ Show & Tell:**Spark your creativity with several artisans’ demonstrating their talents with hands-on mini class demos from
5:30-6:30 p.m.~dinner
8:00 p.m. Let the Shenanigans begin! Fun filled evening that will help you get your Spark on!Let the party continue til midnight including our Spark Train, Get to know each other games & photo booth fun!

Saturday: November 7th
9:00 a.m.~ Amazing Keynote Speaker: Cassandra Barney.A woman artist who speaks to our creative souls! We are sure she will Spark our creative spirits! We can't wait!
10-6 p.m.~ 4 fabulous classes(Including lunch and snacks)Dinner
8:00 Show & Tell & a culminating fireside to Kindle the Spark!

Tickets to this event are $300.00, and worth every penny. The generous women of Spark! are giving a ticket away to one of you! Just leave a comment to be entered. Although we usually don't allow our artisans and vendors to participate in contests on our blog- for this one- you guys go right ahead. This is something no one should miss. I will announce the winner on Monday, when the next contest will be announced. Good Luck!

***********This contest is CLOSED.***************