Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Contest!

1.Our first prize- for our first lucky winner today- is this foxy necklace and bracelet from Deon Thomas of Tribal Jewelry. Deon has her own cool style and I keep hoping if I wear enough of her jewelry I will look just like her. (no luck yet.)

2. Sarah Natividad of Curious Workmanship is giving away a pair of her delightful hand crocheted booties to another lucky winner. She will even let you pick which ones. The sneakers are cute, but I have never gotten over the cowboy boots. Giddup!

3. Jennifer Willson of Hand Picked Daisy is just trying to make our lives a little easier. She creates the perfect handout for the ladies your visit teach. The ladies I visit teach would just be surprised to see me- this may knock them unconscious. I will have to start slow. Jennifer is giving away a $25.00 gift certificate to anything in her shop. That should take care of you for a couple months.
All comments will be entered into the drawing. The winners and the FINAL, GINORMOUS contest will go up tomorrow morning. Good Luck!