Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby Legs & Baby Carriers

Through a completely random drawing, conducted by my 7 year old, the winner of the Back to School contest is...... Alicia! Congratulations Alicia, you my pick up your winnings at either show, just introduce yourself to us at checkout and we will hook you up with your notebook and lunch sack.

Now, today's contest. The prizes are:

1. Long time Oh Sweet Sadie! vendor, Sarah McKay is giving a pair of Baby Legs, to the lucky winner of today's contest. Baby Legs are the greatest little fashion statement and make any outfit unique. With the weather turning colder, you will need not just one, but several pairs if you do laundry as often as I do. (When the pile gets dangerous.)

2. Tiffany Copple is the ingenious owner of Copple Carriers and she is offering an adorable child size baby sling. Little girls always want to be like mom, they have the doll and the stroller, pick them up a baby sling and the collection is complete. I love that Copple Carriers are made to carry older children as well as infants. Their ring sling looks fantastic in the pictures, I can't wait to give it a whirl at the show. (My little girl just saw the pictures and said, "I want that!")
Everyone who leaves a comment by Friday morning (9:00 am) is entered into the drawing. The winner and the next contest will be announced shortly after. Good Luck!