Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Studio Four- Fine Home Furnishings

A bit of a story with this one, so grab a drink and run to the bathroom first.

Once upon a time there was this girl I have kind of known for the last 28 years or sooo... alright it's my sister, Miki. Anyway, Miki bought this incredible buffet, that she used for a plasma stand so the 18 month old would keep her hands off, at a well know furniture store for over $1200.00.
This lady she has known for the past 5 years or so.... alright, alright, it's her mother-in-law, Sandi, loved it and wanted one just like it. Sandi, though, has had some experience in the wholesale/retail industry and thought she would hunt down the manufacturer of the buffet, with all her previous licensing and experience, to see if she could perhaps purchase it for less straight from the source. Guess what, oh you'll never guess...I'll tell you then- she could! She could purchase the buffet from Dovetail Furniture for significantly less then the furniture store was selling it for.

So Miki and Sandi decided everyone should have this opportunity. Hence, the birth of Studio Four Fine Home Furnishings. Here are some pictures of the many other things they will be selling at Oh Sweet Sadie!Studio Four sells:

* High quality, unique, solid wood furniture as seen at high end furniture stores, but for a fraction of the price.

* Prices include free delivery to your home in the Salt Lake Valley, $50 delivery fee for Davis & Utah Counties.

* They will have sample items at the boutique, i.e. table, chairs, plasma stand, and bedroom set.

Just to give you an idea of prices: Sideboard Hutch (Miki's) $899 & Plasma Stands $449-$529

And they (and you) lived happily ever after. THE END.