Friday, April 25, 2008

Featured Etsy Seller- Mariposa Avenue! Times Up! Vote for your favorite.

One of Oh Sweet Sadie's own, Miss Lisa Furner, will be the featured seller on etsy today! Check out the main page at and scroll towards the bottom and you should run right into her! (Should be up around 10:00am)

Lisa is what you might call a serial hobbyist. She says she is not completely sane unless she can make something with her hands. But the part she loves the most, the part she absolutely thrives on is learning a new craft. She has dabbled in photography, upholstery, jewelry, glasswork, all kinds of sewing, artwork, mobiles, etc. Her newest discovery is a bit of metallurgy, namely cutting these fabulous shadow lanterns. After a few seasons of developing her cutting skills and, at the same time, taking great care to not burn the house down, she opened a Etsy shop. The lanterns are a great project for her because they have endless possibilities. Each one is completely unique and all are cut freehand. They are all powder coated for durability in a variety of colors and textures.

To celebrate the amazing opportunity of being featured by etsy, Lisa is giving away a new summery lantern! It's made from a number ten recycled food can and powder coated a nice bright yellow. It's about 7 inches tall and 6 inches across. These can be used over tea lights or votives. They are great for disguising a sooty jar candle and can even dress up your citronella candle out on the porch. If you want to use them without a flame, you can use an LED push light disc or a short strand of Christmas lights. So many possibilities!

So ladies- who can come up with an acronym for SUN? The contest will be closed on Sunday, April 27th at midnight, and then you can all vote for your favorite!