Saturday, November 10, 2007

Not Just For Christmas Shopping. Let's Talk Thanksgiving...

Or at least, let's talk about food, in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Yes, food, and the abundance of it.

Divine specialty foods and treats will include large jars of Paquito de Salsa's homemade salsa with and "attitude", and Cathy's amazing Sweets By Season...get ready...handmade caramels in a huge variety-vanilla, praline pecan, chocolate, candy cane, eggnog, and my favorite, licorice, plus truffles, fudge, and caramel corn. Sooo scrumptious! Then we have chocolate bread, almond poppy seed bread, and of course from Sarah's bakery..."Sarah Bread"-amazingly soft loaves of whole wheat goodness, cinnamon swirl bread (yipee! It's so good that at the last show, one 12-year-old came in and spent his own money on his own loaf of Sarah's cinnamon bread.). Plus she'll have her chocolate sauce and granola. And then from Janielou...the most beautiful, tasty coconut cupcakes you've ever seen. We're crossing our fingers for her lemon frosted sugar cookies too...

Some of you might feel guilty shopping when you should be home making dinner, but no worries! Crystal will have her quarts of chicken noodle soup and fresh rolls from scratch that you can swoop home to the kitchen table...hustle though-these go fast! And for the first time, she will have her roll dough, formed and frozen, ready for you to rise and pop in your oven for Thanksgiving dinner!

Bandango's "most delicious cheeseball mixes ever" and citrus oils and vinegar are perfect for delicious gifts and holiday entertaining. Add brownie mix jars to that list too.