Saturday, November 17, 2007

Last Day of the show...don't miss it!

Well, we're coming to an end here, and let me tell you, after clearing out *nine* large rooms of furniture (not to mention every hallway and nook and cranny) on Tuesday, getting the 60 artisans all set up Wednesday night, and opening the doors to customers Thursday morning, I haven't had a second to update the details! It has just been crazy insane. But let me tell you...this show is amazing. Many customers have told us this is the best show they have seen around, and I have to say that it is definitely our BIGGEST and BEST so far. I don't think people have any idea how much we can get in here and how fabulous everything is until they come. So if you haven't made it over, you must! Thanks to extraordinary artisans and vendors, we are having a blast enjoying all of the senses as we get ready for the holidays.

You won't want to miss our last day...bring your Christmas shopping list so that you're ready to go.

Just a couple of my favorites:

*Scoop your own bath salts. How fun! Grab a beautiful glass jar or zipper bag and fill 'er up. Use one scent or as many as you want to creat a beautiful gift...lemon, grapefruit, lime, orange, peppermint, lavender, cinnamon (all with pure essential oils), oatmeal, milk & honey, brown sugar & fig, vanilla, and cucumber melon. Just $2.50 - $9.50.

*Something for the boys!!! Individually handcrafted right here in Utah are wooden toys (airplanes, trucks, cars, and trains) and rubberband guns. Awesome prices too...$5 to $20.

*Job charts and do I even describe these? They are fabulous! Magnetic bottom portion with vinyl grids, ready for your dry erase marker. Perfect because you can change the names and chores whenever you need to! The top portion has darling stitchery. All in a fabulous, chunky, handcrafted frame. Seriously a steal at $95.

*Nursing aprons. I'll admit I thought the idea at the beginning was a little, I don't know, weird-? Then I saw people using them and though they were okay. Then I tried one with my 3-month-old while I was working the show, and let me tell you, I'm hooked! Adjustable neckstrap (baby can't hit or kick it off), rounded boning at the top (so you and baby can see each other, but no one else can see in), and my favorite...not a corner terry cloth for spit up like many brands have, but an actual little washcloth attached to the inside with cute ric-rac that snaps to the apron. So no washing the entire apron every time you wipe baby's chin...just toss the washcloth in the laundry! To top it off, she uses dang cute fabric. I'm sold! Only $35 for these handmade beauties.

*Bows, bows, bows...and endless variety to choose from! Same with headbands and other accessories.

*Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry.

*Bags, bags, bags...everything you could imagine.

*Clothes, clothes, clothes...from pettiskirts (the type you seen in children's boutiques for $80!), to one of a kind skirts, tops, and outfits, to Puddle Jumpers for little kiddos. Not just clothes for kids though...LOTS for women too. Including designer jeans and hip and inexpensive shoes.

*The cutest binkie clips I've ever seen. Classy-not cheesey.

*Funky children's stuffed chairs with a tiny ottoman. You may have seen them for $150 in children's boutiques, but only $99 here.

*Baby wipe cases. I may have never seen such a stylin' item. They look like a clutch you could take out on the town, and many fabrics to choose from. Matching burp cloths to boot.

*Locker magnet boards. Cool.

*These stunning pieced fabric wall hangings, framed and ready to go. Just gorgeous.

*ONEiTY PJs...boys sets and girls PJ dresses that come with a matching bag and bear for $16!!! And the purchase of one set buys an article of children's clothing for the Utah Road Home Homeless Shelter. How cool is that? An amazing company who pays it forward. They have other beautiful clothing too...

*Sarah Jane's amazing children's artwork. It will get you all sentimental and nostalgic've gotta see it.

So there you have it-just a few of my faves. Come on over and see it all.

And thanks to Your Heart Out for checking us out again. :)