Monday, November 8, 2010

Little Mossi, Uppity Chic, and Pear & Peonies

drumroll please.... the winner of the Little Mossi blanket is Jess who said, "oohhh!! Sign me up!!" The winner of the scarf by Uppity Chic is Tracey Loveridge Condie (from FB) who said, "Gorgeous! Hope I win :)" and finally the winner of the $25 gift certificate from Pear & Peonies is Jennifer who said, "What talent! Hope I win one (and put the others on my shopping list...) Countin' down the days!" Congratulations!  You may pick up your prizes at the show, just introduce yourself at checkout. See you soon!

Hey you lucky ladies, for the weekend giveaway we have THREE things to giveaway! The winners and next contest will be announced Tuesday morning. (Psssst...we still have spots available in the Academy so swing over there and take a look.)

Numero Uno: Little Mossi

Jen Calfa of Little Mossi is giving away their newest size blanket, the toddler(36"x45"), in their vintage paisley print color grey/black! I asked Jen to fill us in on how she got started and she replied,

"So...about me and little mossi. My husband and I were married 9 years ago and had always planned to have a family. When we started to try for a baby about 3 years after getting married, we found we both had some fertility issues. Sooo, after thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars and 5 in vitro cycles, we were FINALLY pregnant!

When my son Massimilliano (pronounced MOSS-imilliano, like tree moss) was born, he was given a blanket made from this amazingly soft minky material by my brother and his wife. Amazingly, as a tiny newborn, this super soft blanket always helped to soothe him. I immediately went on a search for this material so I could make him more. I FINALLY found it and had my mom make my son more blankets for back ups. Soon all of my friends started wanting me to make them blankets for their babies.

Right after my son turned one I threw my best friend a baby shower and had made her one of my blankets (well, my mom made it because at this point I had never sewn anything in my life!) Everyone there LOVED the blanket and went on and on about how awesome they were and how they wanted me to make them one, or could I make one in this color, or to match that color, etc. The idea popped into my head to start a baby blanket company. I went home that night and thought and thought about it, and the name little mossi just popped into my head, after my son who was my inspiration for the blankets.

The next day I called my dear friend Lisa, who also used in vitro to have her babies and was a stay at home mom as well, and said "lets start a business making these baby blankets". One month later we had our business license, some financial backing from our husbands companies, and I had bought a sewing machine! Now, 8 months later and after a few sewing lessens from my mom, little mossi blankets are in a dozen or so stores and selling like crazy at boutiques! We have just gotten started...who knows where this road will take us! And my little Mossi who just turned 2 is never without his best friend "blank" as he calls it!"

Numero Dos: Uppity Chic

Susan Dixon and Diana Jones started Uppity Chic recently. They are both stay at home mom’s. Diana has two girls and Susan has 3 kids, two boys and a girl. They both love fashion and are inspired by things around them. They love to create and design beautiful things and they hope that women will love their fashionable scarves as much as they do. A great unique gift idea. (I would also like the model's eyes please.) They are giving away one of their beautiful scarves to a lucky winner.

Numero Tres: Pear & Peonies

Brittany Fenton is the fashion guru behind Pear & Peonies. She says, "I love clothes and so I started this company where I carry unique and chic clothing. I almost never get in the same style twice so every time someone comes in I have all new inventory. This makes it fun for my customers that they know they will always be coming to see something new. I am currently working on my own designs and will be launching my own line next year and I'm very excited about it. I love little details and wearing clothing that is both feminine and unique." Brittany is giving away a $25 gift certificate to be used at Oh Sweet Sadie!

Every comment is entered. There will be 3 winners, all announced tomorrow when our next series of amazing prizes will be revealed. Good luck!

***This contest is closed***