Monday, April 12, 2010

Tom Jewelry

The winner of the beautiful pair of earrings from tom is Becky who said, "I love her work!!!"  Congratulations Becky- just introduce yourself at checkout to claim your prize.  Look forward to meeting you soon.

***The winner of the contest below is listed above.*** 

Debbie Thompson of Tom Jewelry make beautiful things.  Look...

So pretty, right? 

Debbie says, "I love creating art, jewelry, and anything with my hands. I have a full time job as an Elementary Art Teacher and love sharing my passion for art with others."

We are happy that she likes sharing her passion, because we like buying it.  She also just likes sharing... Debbie is giving away this beautiful pair of bright yellow chyrsanthemum earrings.  The perfect thing for Spring (whenever it decides to show up).

Every comment will be entered into the drawing.  The winner will be announced this Wednesday when the next contest will be posted.  Good luck!