Thursday, April 15, 2010

the r house

The winner of the beautiful necklace is Nana Debbie who said, "That necklace is beautiful!! I have a dear neighbor who is a young mother with two small children, just diagnosed with breast cancer. I would love to give her this necklace with hope for a bright and healthy future for her."  Congratulations Nana Debbie!  You can pick up your necklace at the show, just introduce yourself at the registers to claim your prize.

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Sorry the contest is late... I have never met Lindsey, mrs. r, but I got lost for a solid hour in her blog tonight.  Start poking around with care, you may be there for a while.  Infertility and adoption is something I personally know nothing about.  I have dear friends and family members whom I have watched struggle, I have felt guilty for my 'fertility' and wanted so desperately to be able to fix it for them.  I have wondered at the unfairness of it all and tried to be an listening ear and a soft shoulder.

I just found out yesterday a good friend, neighbor, and college roommate, after a 10 year battle finally became a mother last Wednesday when they were chosen to adopt a beautiful baby boy.  I cried when I heard the news.  They are a most deserving couple of this enormous blessing.

Switching gears, Lindsey also makes beautiful stuff.  Check out her etsy shop.  I have at least 4 items I need right away.  She is giving away... (in her own words)

we all need to remember to hold onto hope no matter what trial is placed in our path. a little gem hanging around your neck is the perfect reminder.

when mr. r and i were struggling with infertility, one of my students, without knowing anything of our situation, randomly brought me a necklace stamped with hope. although it was 5 years ago, i still wear it everyday as a reminder.

\hōp\ vb hoped; hop-ing: to desire with expectation of fulfillment; n: 1: TRUST, RELIANCE 2: desire accompanied by expectation of fulfillment; also : something hoped for 3: one that gives promise for the future 4:Considering something possible, combined with a desire for it. A wish or longing for something that seems impossible.

a thick sterling silver tag (5/8”), hand-stamped with “HOPE” and adorned with a small midnight goldstone bead (this bead is literally sparkly) and larger sterling silver bead with beaded detail on the bottom. Finished with a 1MM sterling silver bead ball chain in either 16”, 18” or 20” with sterling silver findings and study sterling clasp.

*each piece of our jewelry is handmade. part of their charm and character is that each piece is different and unique with minor differences in the lettering and finish. these should not be considered defects, but add to the feeling of the piece.

All comments will be entered.  The winner will be announced this Friday when the next contest is posted.  Good luck!
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