Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Compelled to Craft

Congratulations to Jennifer who said, "I love those pockets! I need to get some." you are the winner of  the Project Pocket!

and Congratulations to Jennie Stephens who said, "LOVE IT!! I want one, maybe it will motivate me to iron clothes"...plug in that iron Jennie, you are the winner of the ironing board cover!

Both of you ladies can pick up your prizes at the show, just introduce yourself at checkout.  See you soon!

**The winners of the contest below are listed above.**

Isn't that a great name?  I sometimes feel that way.  An itch to sew, decorate a room, have a baby... well, maybe not that last one.  

Paula Hogan of Compelled to Craft has some fun items you should check out, and she is giving one of each away!  Two prizes= Two winners. Yay!

1. So this is an ingenious idea- the Perfectly Pretty Hanging Project Pockets for Perfect Project Protection and Placement: handy, earth friendly, and cute.

Paula says, "Are you surrounded with HALF-DONE PROJECTS? Stacks of fabric, patterns, bits and pieces of ribbon that you’ll make into something someday? Do you ever struggle with keeping all of the parts of a crafty project together? Do you ever start something and have a hard time getting back to it before you start on the next thing?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll love these hanging project pockets. At approximately 16” x 16”, these pockets are generously sized to hold A LOT; each pocket can help you keep all of the parts of a project—begun or just dreamed of—together in one place."  

I just don't think I have a closet big enough to hold all of my darling Project Pockets full of my unfinished, barely started, not-started-at-all-just-bought-the-materials-projects.

2. Paula is also giving away one of her darling Ironing board covers.  She says, "Boring is out; unique is in, especially in the laundry and sewing room. Long live the womanly arts! Express your own personality with this beautiful ironing board cover, handmade from 100% cotton fabric, cotton casing, nylon cord, and a cord lock. And really, who doesn't need a pretty cover for their ironing board? A pretty cover cheers up the laundry room or sewing room!"  I couldn't agree more, I may even iron something if my ironing board looked like this! 

Every comment is entered into the drawing.  The winner will be announced on Friday when the next contest will be posted.  Good luck!

***This contest is closed.***