Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yo Contest-Bloggers...Heidi here. Dani is sick, her fabulous DH, Chad, is sick, and they are hanging out with doctors and specialists this morning. She'll be back in a bit with the ModMum winner and your new contest. Patience, my friends.

Dani here. We are quite unwell today and are headed to another doctor at another hospital. How about a BIG BIG contest tomorrow to make up for today. Prizes in the hundreds of dollars. Thanks for understanding.

(If you wanted to know...) My kids have had the stomach flu. Not fun, but they have made it to the toilet more times than not, so I'm not complaining. Chad and I started puking a couple hours apart the other night. Chad had it really bad. Couldn't keep anything down for about 12 hours and ended up severely dehydrated. His body was cramping up, charlie horse type, all over. He would jump out of bed, screaming, to try to walk it off- and end up passing out. It was a nightmare because that is obviously scary, and I was still really sick myself. I ended up taking him to the hospital yesterday morning where they hydrated him through an IV for a few hours. He felt much better and we thought we were home free. But his blood test came back with several things that really concerned the doctor and so she sent us to a specialist yesterday afternoon. Turns out he had the flu. His levels were really messed up because of the severe dehydration. All is well at the Lassiter home today. We went to bed early, and woke up feeling much recovered. Thank you for your well wishes and patience. On with the contest... it will be up shortly.