Thursday, September 17, 2009

Contest #9: It's All About Them! CLOSED

Here are the winners!

1. Melissa Stringham who said, "All of this stuff is so so cute. I'd love to win for my kids. Pick me this time!" won the comfort wash blankie.

2. Pamela who said, "Your vendors are so generous!! Pick me, Pick me! I love it all. " won the Lou Lou Designs clippies.

3. Ashley who said, "Love all the cute things!!" won the Little Duchess canvas of her choice.

4. kelly miller who said, "These are some great prizes. I don't think you could go wrong with any of them." won the Papers & Thread nightgown.

5. Annie who said, "Ooo la la! I hope I win." won the Mod Mum Sling.

6. Mashua7 who said, "I have both boys and a girl, so any of these prizes would work perfectly for me. Thanks a ton Oh Sweet Sadie for everything you ladies do." won the My Favorite Pal tie set.

7. Justin and Kenzee who said, "Wow... I love all this stuff! One of these days I might actually win!" Won the Mariah Made flip cards.

8. Ashlie who said, "So many great things!!" won the Rising Moon Advetures Goldilocks Story.

9. sarah gurl who said, "ahhh!!! today's the day I can feel it..I think." Won the Brick of Mormon Story.

10. James who said, "These are awesome prizes! Can't wait to go shopping!" Won the Tika Kids gift pack!

Congratulations your guys! You can pick up your prizes at the registers.

Sometimes I really hate blogger. Especially when you are working with a lot of pictures. Where do all the extra spaces come from?

A lot of great things today- lets get started.

1. Comfort Wash Blankie

My friend, Denise Bagley, invented the Comfort Wash Blankie. Here is her story,

"I remember giving my oldest little baby girl a bath for the first time. My mother was there to help, standing by my side it was still intimidating. If I had the comfortwash blankie™ back then I would have known what to do and exactly how to comfort my baby and bathe her at the same time.

Now three babies later I have invented the perfect bathing cloth out of necessity. I have twins, a boy and a girl. One healthy baby and one with a heart condition. They both Love the comfortwash blankie and so do I. I needed to bathe my babies in comfort and relaxation not stress and frustration.

Follow the instructions and enjoy your little babies, love them, wash them, have fun with them.
When your baby is swaddled in the comfortwash blankie , with your undivided attention they feel safe, protected and comfortable. While manuvering the comfortwash blankie you wash and comfort your baby at the same time."

Denise is giving away a set of Comfort Wash Blankies to a lucky winner!

2. Lou Lou Designs

Laura Stringham of Lou Lou Designs makes the cutest little clippies, big clips, mini clips, headbands, and all things cute. At the show she will also be selling smaller and larger clips made from silk flowers and fabric covered buttons.

Laura is giving away this is a set of 8 "mini clips" in a rainbow of fall colors. The mini clips are 1.25" long and great for holding back bangs, adding color to a pony tail or holding back the finer hair. The clips are made from snap clips wrapped in designer ribbon, hand cut felt and are hand sewn.

3. Little Duchess
New to Oh Sweet Sadie! is Ashlee Kennedy of Little Duchess. Ashlee says, "The idea for Little Duchess started when my mother stumbled upon some beautiful vintage holiday images. My mother and I love to decorate for the holidays and immediately wanted to somehow display them. After searching around for awhile we found a company that would apply the images to canvas. The results turned out beautifully. Since that time we have added nursery rhyme, fairy tale, home decor, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, valentines, Easter, and patriotic prints to out line. We also have added 11 different frames to complete the look of the canvas pieces. We hope you will find the whimsy and magic that my mother and I did the first time we saw these incredible images."

Little Duchess is giving away one of her vintage giclee canvases with an easel stand. The lucky winner may choose the canvas of her choice. They offer canvases for every holiday, vintage nursery and fairy tale art as well as a great home decor line. I want one! or two! or three!

Remember these little beauties? Did you have one when you were little? If not you totally got ripped off. They are the best nightgowns in the entire world, and if you little girl has one- she will never take it off!

Jill Woolsey of Papers and Thread will be selling her nightgowns at Oh Sweet Sadie! They are made out of tricot and are so soft. The bottom has a ruffle and lace. The nightgown is full length with short sleeves. The nightgown has elastic around the neck and sleeves and can be machine washed and dried. Size from 3-16. (16?? Does that mean I can have one?)

Here is something the modern mother cannot live without. Mod Mum slings are not only a life saver if you need your hands and want to snuggle a baby (or a baby wants to snuggle with you), but they are so pretty!

Lisa Kalberer of Mod Mum is giving away a sling of your choice- $64.00 value!

My Favorite Pal is always a big hit at Oh Sweet Sadie! Little guys look so adorable in their big boy tie, and extra points when you can buy one for your husband to match! With the holidays on their way, you may need to stock up.

Brooke Dover of My Favorite Pal is giving away a father and son set of your choice.

7. Mariah Made

Mariah Green of Mariah Made makes adorable sleep sacs for your baby, but the thing she cannot seem to make enough of are these laminated flip cards. She has them for the Articles of Faith, and the Prophets, and I think a few more. She has had to literally run home from the show (in her car) to make more. I wish I made something you all love that much!

Mariah is giving away a set of her flip cards to a very lucky winner!

Oleah Gough of Rising Moon Adventures hand draws the incredible flannel board stories. My 6 year old can play with these forever. She even makes and sells portable little flannel boards to make the experience Sacrament Meeting ready.

Oleah is giving away a set of the ever popular Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

9. Brick of Mormon Stories

Steve Van Wagenen with the help of his sons created Brick of Mormon. It is a collection of scripture stories from the Book of Mormon, with LEGO bricks and character illustrations.

If your boys are as crazy for all the Lego video games as my kids- they will love this! I just marvel at the hours and hours it would take to set up the scenes.

Steve is giving away a copy of his book to a lucky winner.

And last, but certainly not least:

Anne Auernig is the creator of Tika Kids, and is probably one of the nicest people I have met.

I learned on her etsy profile that Tika means "quiet" in Russian. Anne says, "And here is what I know about kids: they are quiet when the working on something they like (mine is super quiet when the bathroom door is left open and he is playing in the toilet. Or the dog's water bowl.) Tika Kids offers activities that are okay for them to like. And be quiet while playing with. Ahhh. Do you hear that? Neither do I."

Anne is giving away one of her signature bags, a magnet board, and a puzzle. It is plenty to get you started on the road to sanity.

Every comment will be entered. The winners will be announced tomorrow when the next contest is announced. Good luck friends!