Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Seriously, So Blessed!

Here are some pic's and links to the fabulous prizes being offered on Seriously, So Blessed. (Hurry, you can still enter until Friday)

Quoting TAMN,

"The gift basket includes: a magnet board and marker/eraser set from TikaKids, a Flashy Ashley kit (everything you need to make some flashy awesome little girl shoes), a darling waterproof (SWIM!) diaper cover from Olive Jane, a Food Nanny cookbook AND a gorgeous "Come What May and Love It" 16x24 poster w/ a temple graphic! The shows will be in Draper THIS weekend and Daybreak NEXT weekend and holy shizniz there's a ton of darling crafttastic stuff to shriek out over. Maybe next time I'll even have my own booth just to use my talents."