Monday, April 6, 2009


Oh Sweet Sadie is excited to introduce, PUZZLEKINS™! PUZZLEKINS are a new and innovative 2 sided, three dimensional puzzle where the backside of the pieces interchange to become pieces that are figures and things (people, pets, furniture or pirates, parrots and cannons) and the bottom of the puzzles are the inside cutaways of the house or pirate ship. After playtime all the pieces can all be put back into the bag it comes in. Great for thinking and observation skills.

PUZZLEKINS came about after Vicki Lewis was inspired by a wooden jigsaw puzzle her mother-in-law makes that has the pieces facing out. She always thought that it would be more fun if both sides of the pieces were painted. So she designed a house puzzle for her kids and cut it out on a jigsaw. She painted the outside as the front of a house, underneath as the inside of the house, and then the backs of the pieces as characters and objects to be played with in the house setting.
Vicki is kind enough to give one of her House Puzzlekins ($15.95) to a lucky winner. Everyone who leaves a comment before Wednesday morning will be entered into the drawing. The next contest and winner will be announced before noon on Wednesday, April 8th. Good Luck!