Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cheap Date

Congratulations deannegalloway you are the winner and proud owner of a brand new Pillow Tie! Email me and I will get you the details on how to get it in your hot little hands.

Now, I would like to do something I have never done before. Prepare yourself. I am going to recommend something fun to do with your family. If you don't know me, I am all about fun. Fun, fun, fun.

I am sure it is just my kids, but they are super into trains. When I heard that Front Runner was up and running, I knew it was something we had to do. This is not a ride on Trax. This is a real. big. train. Double decker. Very impressive, especially if you have a 3-8 year old boy. (Now, because I have never done this before- check your own facts and schedules. I don't want to be blamed for a botched family outing.) We have done this little adventure a couple of times, and it has been quite enjoyable. Even magical. (Read: I only felt like I was going to hurt a child, my husband, or myself a couple of times.)

Downtown is crazy crowded, and the Polar Express is crazy expensive (but awesome), so may I recommend you take your family to the new Salt Lake intermodal hub at 25o South 600 West. Tickets for a family pass on Front Runner are $13.50, (2 adults, 6 screaming children) and are good 5:00 pm to closing on weekdays and all day on Saturday.

Ride Front Runner to the Layton stop. If your kids are like mine, that is about when they need a break. Get off there. Right in front of your face is Doug & Emmy's Family Restaurant and Cafe (greasy spoon). It is delicious. Their short stack of pancakes is to die for and will feed a small army (2-3 hungry kids) and I think it was around $4.00.

Then back on the train and head home. Let me know if you try it and liked it. If you didn't like it- keep your comments to yourself. Unless something really exciting happens, I won't be blogging (contest!) until after Christmas. If you beg and beg to see a picture of my daughter in her Christmas dress and boys in matching ties that I made, (thank you youcanmakethis.com) I just might.

Merry Christmas friends!