Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tika Kids!

A random drawing has determined Mikelle as the winner of the super cute and highly functional Wet Sack from Fingers and Toes! Congratulations Mikelle, you can pick up your prize at any of the shows- just introduce yourself at the registers.

At the Fall Daybreak Show, anytime one of you lovely ladies would purchase something from Tika Kids, Heidi and I would just marvel at the genius of it all. Tika Kids makes these (among other things) 10" x 9" magnet boards. Vinyl framing around the board keeps little fingers safely away from metal edges. This little board is perfect for:

  • a. drawing with dry erase markers (it wipes right off!)
  • b. use as a hard surface to draw on paper
  • c. little laps in the car, church, doctor’s office, etc.
  • d. use with Magnetix®
  • e. magnetic puzzles and games
  • f. playing tic-tac-toe
  • g. magnetic alphabet and other learning activities

Fits perfectly inside the Tika Activity Bags-which of course has pockets for crayons, markers, and pencils. There are endless possibilities involving magnets these days and it is a rare child who doesn’t enjoy playing with them! Tika Kids sells magnet puzzles, and games to go with the boards. I love the little eraser that has a magnet in it as well, so it sticks to the board and doesn't get lost.

I bet my kids will be quiet at church for 3 or 4 minutes with one of these babies. Not only is Tika Kids smart- they are generous. Everyone who leaves a comment today will be entered into the drawing for the magnet board and activity bag shown above. Feel free to share your favorite embarrassing story involving a child who should have been quiet, or just tell Anne of Tika Kids how smart she is. This contest will end tomorrow morning when the BIG -before the show- contest will go up. Join the feed of our blog- it may be the first one to comment will win!