Monday, November 17, 2008

New Baby?

Oh Sweet Sadie! always has you covered for the best new baby stuff. Today, some of our favorite baby vendors are giving away their best creations to a lucky winner. So if you aren't pregnant- get busy. ;)

Mod Mum makes baby slings for the stylish modern mum, (I love their website!) is giving away one of their slings to today's lucky winner. The can be used three different ways and fits infants up to toddlers.

EleTent makes beautiful and highly functional car seat covers. Only the uncoolest of moms would just drape a blanket over the car seat when you now can have a custom car seat cover! Eletent is giving away 3 of their beautiful burp cloths to today's lucky winner.
The contest will go until tomorrow morning when the winner and next contest will be announced. Good Luck!