Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Deck the Halls!?

What the H.E. double hockey sticks? Is FM100 really playing Christmas music on November 1st? I was running a simple errand and ended up having a heart attack. I am not ready! When I hear the music, I feel like my home should be decorated, gifts should be wrapped, soup should be made, a fire should be blazin', and on and on. When I hear 'Rockin' around the Christmas Tree' on the radio and my house is a disaster, and there are rotting jack o'lanterns on the porch- I feel angry. and stressed. and like I want to eat the rest of the Halloween candy all by my lonesome. (PS. Heidi loves it. What a wacko.)

BUT- If I had a bunch of these TinselPrints to hang up, I might even decorate before Thanksgiving.

Pretty cute stuff , huh? Each are hand glittered so no two are the same. The ladies at TinselPrints have a passion for everything ‘vintage’! They love these vintage works of art, and wanted to do something to keep them from becoming obsolete, and to keep them out there to be loved and appreciated. They decided to give the embellished vintage images a go, and we adore the results! When they started making them as gifts for friends and family, they couldn't keep up with the requests for more…so (lucky us!) TinselPrints was born!

To help Scrooges like myself, TinselPrints is giving one of their beauties away. It's a 9x12 wall hanging with glitter accents, attached to a silk black ribbon for hanging, valued at $28. Everyone who leaves a post mentioning their favorite Christmas song is entered. The winner will be randomly chosen Thursday morning at 9:00 am, when the next contest will be announced. Good luck!