Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here we go again-

I am so sorry to have dropped off the face of the blog world for the last several days. We have been tired. (EXHAUSTED) The shows wore us out! The Daybreak show was a smashing success. We have NEVER had a turn out like that. We are so grateful for all of Daybreak's help. What an amazing bunch of people. Not only do they work hard to make their community incredible, but they are kind and helpful as well. We can't wait to be back in those Rainey Homes the first weekend of December.

Our artisans outdid themselves in creativity and beauty. So many were impressed and went home with Liz Edmunds, The Food Nanny's, new book and a look of determination in their eye to rescue dinner at their own home. (How great was she? I saw most of you even had her cell phone number written on the back!) We had rave reviews all over the blog world and at checkout about the treasures that were found. (Can you imagine what these ladies will crank out for the holidays?) We also raised more than $500.00 for Stephanie Nielson, and plan to continue to have a booth for her at our Holiday shows.

We had many, MANY people ask about becoming a vendor. If you are interested, you may download the application here. Heidi will contact you if we have an open spot, otherwise you will be added to our waiting list.

Contests and spotlights will resume on Monday, October 6th as we head straight into the Holiday shows. We are holding 3 holiday shows this year. The first will be November 13th- 15th in another breathtaking home up in Suncrest. I will give you all the details later, but for now circle the dates on your calendar.