Monday, September 1, 2008

Earn your keep! and plan your menu!

Hi friends- I hope everyone had a thrilling Labor Day, in spite of the newly acquired fall weather. I went camping with my family all weekend and we hauled our soggy bottoms home this morning. Also, because I know you live and die by the goings on in my life, 2 of my children have the first day of school tomorrow. All of this is really my way of telling you I didn't design a new notepad. BUT my loss is your gain (that can't be right.) My very best selling notepad is my menu planner...
and I would love to give one to each and everyone of you who take a minute to blog about us. If you have been to the shows in the past, or know any of our amazing artisans, or just jazzed about attending our fall shows, please help us get the word out. You can use the pic of our logo at the top of our blog for a picture to add to your post. Send me your link and I will have a notepad with your name on it at the show for you to pick up. (Contests begin in earnest in 7 days!)