Thursday, September 25, 2008

And now... for the Grand Finale!

The final Fall Show begins tomorrow morning at 9:30 am in the Daybreak North Shore Village! Daybreak will not allow us to put up our signs, so follow the approved yellow Daybreak 'Event' signs. You may park anywhere in the 'square', the weather is supposed to be beautiful, and if last weekend was any indication- the show will be amazing!

The winner of yesterday's contest is... Rachael who said, "Those are gorgeous! Yes, please." You are very welcome Rachael. You may pick up your prizes at the show, just introduce yourself at checkout.

Today's contest is huge. HUGE. We will have 6 winners. Everyone who leaves a comment is entered, and the drawing will take place tomorrow at 8:00 am, right before I leave for the show.

Prize #1:

*sugar* would love to give you a monogram pendant, ball chain, and button ring of your choice, as well as a princess or witch clippie. The pendants are perfect for anyone from wee little ones to moms and grandmas who want to stack the initials of their family, and at a great price! Pendants, ball chains, and rings are all $5 and chunky silver plated necklaces start at $12. If you have a Disney Princess at home, are a "Wicked" (I have tickets, do you?) fan, or just enjoy the spirit of Halloween, check out this ribbon won't see anything like it in any other little girl's hair. *sugar* also makes key hooks (to keep your keys hanging inside your purse) and purse hooks (to keep your bag off of the floor when you are out to eat or at work...have you been forwarded the emails about the nastiest germs ending up on the bottom of your purse?), and darling binkie clips out of designer and Japanese ribbon.

Prize #2:

Jot It Down is giving away 25 custom notepads. ($100.00) They are the ideal present for Christmas for family and neighbors. Just send the list of names you want printed and BAM! you are loved forever.

Prize #3:

Le Tres Chic Boutique is giving away this charming metal Happy Halloween sign! The timing is perfect you can run right home and hang it up. Don't miss their booth at the store, they always have the best treasures.

Prize #4:

Dyson and Rebecca Salleh of JMS, Inc. are giving away your choice of any of their COOL screenprinted T-shirts. ($18.00) They are new to Oh Sweet Sadie! we are excited to meet them tomorrow- make sure you give them the proper Oh Sweet Sadie! welcome.

Prize #5:

Liz Edmunds, The Food Nanny, is giving away one of her cookbooks, The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner! Even more exciting is Liz will be in the kitchen at Oh Sweet Sadie! baking bread and signing books. (She even has an endorsement from Dr. Laura!)

Prize #6:

You are not dreaming. This hot pink retro toddler chair is the prize! They retail for over $130.00, Melanie Desautels is selling them for $65.00- $80.00 at the show. (That is half price ladies!) They have a bunch of cool colors and prints for girls and boys. You know you want one.

*BONUS* for every one of you: StyleHouse Photography has launched their URBAN Holiday Mini Sessions. If you want to have the hippest portraits and the swankiest Christmas cards (seriously), then check out the fabulous deal here. Anyone who books a session at the show this weekend will receive a complimentary 8x10 or set of 8 wallets! Wahoo!

Again, everyone who leaves a comment is entered into the drawing. Names will be drawn and winners announced tomorrow morning at 8:00 am. Good Luck!