Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Go Green! or blue or pink or red or floral or polka dot or...

First things first, Sam and Josh are the winner of Lauriann Wakefield's amazing prints. You can pick them up at the registers in Draper this weekend. Now... Tara Thueson of Bitsy Blossoms has created an absolute winner! Her car litter bags were flying out the door at our Herriman Show last weekend. She has been working until her fingers bleed (not on the bags) to be ready for Draper this weekend.

WHAT IS THIS DESIGNED FOR:This bag is designed to hang over your stick shift, across the back of your headrest, or wherever you can think of! This bag is NOT designed to hold drive-thru trash, bottles (recycle those!), cans (recycle those too!), etc. This bag IS designed for all that small trash that tends to clutter up your cup holders and such.

Tara is giving away a litter bag and 3 sets of refill bags! Leave a comment and you will be entered into the drawing- the drawing will take place tomorrow morning at 10:00 am when there will be a new contest posted.