Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Boot Scoot Bikes

Before Chad and I had kids, we were at a park and we started talking to a gentleman who was there with his 6 children. He was telling us that someday when we teach our kids to ride a bike, the best way is to take the pedals off at the same time we take the training wheels off. It forces the child to learn to balance, and they can only go as fast as their little feet push them, and they can put those same little feet down and stop themselves from falling over!

Katie Stirling, founder of Boot Scoot Bikes, discovered the same thing in 2006 while on a vacation to Germany and Switzerland. While she and her husband and 1 year old were hiking in the Swiss Alps, a toddler zoomed past them on two wheels. She was amazed at the toddler’s ability and began asking his parents about his bike. To her surprise, she discovered that pedal-less “walking bikes” have been popular in Europe for several years. Upon returning home, she began searching for a similar bike for her son, but was shocked at the prices of the wooden European models. Unable to find exactly what she wanted at a reasonable price, (and this is the step only a rock star mother would take) decided to develop and manufacture a more cost-effective and durable bike, and now she is sharing them with us.

Boot Scoot Bikes are cute and extremely durable, making it possible to teach your child how to ride when he or she moves on to a traditional bicycle. Best of all, though, your child will gain confidence and agility while playing and exercising outdoors. My 3 year old tried one out at a local bike shop and I literally had to pry his hands off it. (I love those moments in public with a screaming, sobbing child.)

Boot Scoot Bikes is giving away a bike to one lucky winner! My memory of learning to ride a bike, reminds me about my dad- he was the one holding the seat and running behind me. We already asked for comments about our moms for Mother's Day, how about our dads for Father's Day? Tell us your favorite thing about your dad- make us laugh, or cry- make something up if you have to and you could win! Contest closes today at midnight!