Thursday, January 31, 2008

I wish I had a notepad for....

Your wish is my command. Have a look at all these different notepads, do you see one that is missing that would make your life easier? What tasks do you wish you had a notepad for? The sky is the limit. Post your idea (1 idea per person), I will select the top 3 ideas and everyone will be able to vote for the best one. The winning idea will receive 5 of the new notepad and 3 of any other notepads she (or he, sorry menfolk) would like to have. All prizes need to be picked up at the show. (No anonymous posts, how will we know who you are?) Contest closes at midnight when my ballgown and tiara turn back into my raggy sweats and headband I have worn all day.

Times up! Thanks for playing, all y'all had great ideas, I picked the ones I would use the most, because I am in charge- look for the poll to start voting tomorrow.